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Avoid the wrong lead!

With there being so many grades and sizes of lead available on the market it is easy for so called tradesmen to fit the wrong type of lead just to save money. If the wrong type of lead is used it will not have the life expectancy and will split in no time at all. Make the correct decision and call AJ Services.

Lead has been used on roofs for decades as it is very good at battling the most severe weather conditions. We proudly offer a lead forming service which we can cover all lead applications. From a small code 3 stepped chimney flashing to a code 7 lead roof with lead decorations.

With lead theft ever on the rise due to its high scrap value, there are lead replacement products on the market which are becoming more favourable on easy to reach areas that require lead. These products are made from aluminium which is very easy to form and have a bitumen backing which adheres to the most stubborn surfaces.

To discuss any issues you may have or would just like some advice, call us on 01543 683675

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