Roofing Repairs/Maintenance

Slipped tile, loose ridge tile mortar, leaking roof?

We deal with these types of problems every day and we can resolve them easily and at a time to suit you. No job is too big, no job is too small... and we mean it!

Unfortunatly birds and other small creatures tend to enjoy making nests in roof voids as it is warm and dry, great news for them, bad news for you! Once they start nesting in your roof, they will help themselves to almost anything they can get their claws on to build their home. Roof relf and insulation tend to be the most hit targets, Squirrels will even often chew their way through timber rafters!

If you have a problem with unwanted tenants destroying your roof space, we will have the answer!

AJ Roofing Services - Roofing Repairs and Maintenance Picture